95th & Halsted

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9500 S Halsted St Chicago, IL 60628
Mon-Fri: 10 am to 7 pm Sat: 10 am to 3 pm Sun: Closed

95th-Halsted.jpgSAIL LOANS - 95TH & HALSTED

Your neighborhood SAIL Loans located at corner of 95th & Halsted in Chicago, makes it easy to get a cash loan. Come in today and apply for your loan of up to $4,000 with our easy-to-use, confidential kiosks. The application process is fast and easy. Need assistance? The 95th & Halsted customer service representatives are ready to assist in any way necessary to ensure a successful application. Visit SAIL Loans today to start your loan application. You could have your funds the same day!


          - Just 5 blocks from the 95th St. – Longwood Metra Station
          - Directly in-front of the 95th/Halstead CTA bus stop
          - Accessible from the 8A, 108, 352, 381 and 395 CTA bus lines

SAIL Customer Reviews

"SAIL Loans is great! Very fast service and had the loan ready for me when I got there." Keith W

SAIL Customer Reviews

"I'm a new customer and SAIL Loans was fast and efficient." Omar F.

SAIL Customer Reviews

"Great service! I actually referred a few people to SAIL Loans." Iena B.

SAIL Customer Reviews

"Great customer service, very helpful, and help you understand everything the correct way! So nice." Erica E.